LinkedIn Leads: A Roadmap

A lot of marketers know the ins and outs of Facebook, but have a tougher time using LinkedIn to its full potential. From higher cost per click Open Roadmetrics, to a lack of impression volume compared to other platforms, many business owners find that their advertising dollars are better invested elsewhere. Unless, of course, you’ve got a professionally-focused brand that’s looking for leads.


So how do you get over the hurdles and execute a campaign to its full potential? We’ve got you covered. Here are the basics to generating leads on LinkedIn:

Utilize Audience Targeting

One of the most underutilized components of LinkedIn Ads is the audience targeting. With the ability to target based off of unique metrics like industry, years of experience, and company size, marketers have the opportunity to really drill down on their audience segments. When building your campaigns, make sure to accurately identify your prospects, and create messaging that speaks to their values and experiences. For example, if you are targeting people who have one or less years of job experience, maybe don’t talk about the challenges of being a CEO.

Create A Lead Gen Form

Another great feature on LinkedIn is the lead gen form function. Instead of having to take users off of the site, you can now gather information in-app. A lead gen form allows for one-click enrollment into your email newsletter or sales funnel. This simplifies the overall process, and can help produce better results than focusing exclusively on drawing traffic to your own we properties. You can select the information you’d like people to fill out (i.e. First Name, Email, Profession, etc.), and then attach it to your ads so that interested users can easily and efficiently opt-in to your content.

Build A Landing Page

Even with a good lead gen form, it’s also important to create a custom landing page for your advertising efforts. This gives marketers the opportunity to draw in additional conversions through side funnels. This way, you can write and promote blogs from your business’ website, and include a call to action which pulls readers into your lead generation process. Some members of your audience are reluctant to click on an ad soliciting a contact form submission. They will, however, be more inclined to opt-in if you first attract them useful content like that blog we mentioned earlier. Having a landing page ready to take advantage of these added opportunities is crucial.


94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content.


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