Attribution: Understanding the Customer Journey

When we talk about social media campaigns, a lot of different performance indicators are thrown out there. With CPCs, CPMs, CTRs, and more, it’s no wonder that many small business owners get dizzy trying to figure out which metrics to … Read More

Social Media Automation: Best Practices

Every business owner with a social media presence knows that it takes a lot of work to build an online brand. From creating the digital strategy, to actually building your posts and engaging followers in conversation, the responsibilities can quickly … Read More

Facebook Ads: Change The Game With Custom Audiences

As a marketer, advertising on Facebook is what you make of it. The effort that you put in directly correlates to the success that comes out. If you’ve read our going full-funnel blog, you already know the importance of a … Read More

Essential Traits Of An Effective Video Ad

If you’re reading this, you’re likely looking to launch a video ad for your business soon. Creating a graphic is nerve-wracking enough, so it’s easy to understand why many smaller marketing teams stay away from producing full-fledged video campaigns. We’re … Read More

The Value Of Custom Content Creation

As newsfeeds fill with a continually growing volume of content, attention spans for your audiences are getting shorter. A post that may have garnered a lot of attention five years ago may have trouble gaining traction in today’s environment. While … Read More

The Importance Of Professional Production

We’ve all been there. It’s time to put together your social media posts for the day, or update the website with fresh content… But you can’t find compelling assets. It’s an issue that many business owners deal with regularly – … Read More

Getting Over Ad Fatigue

Here’s the scenario: Your business has built an effective full-funnel advertising campaign on Facebook. For the first couple of weeks, you saw record traffic coming through. Yet… Starting in the third week, your relevance scores are inexplicably going down. Engagement … Read More

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