Essential Traits Of An Effective Video Ad

If you’re reading this, you’re likely looking to launch a video ad for your business soon. Creating a graphic is nerve-wracking enough, so it’s easy to understand why many smaller marketing teams stay away from producing full-fledged video campaigns. We’re … Read More

The Value Of Custom Content Creation

As newsfeeds fill with a continually growing volume of content, attention spans for your audiences are getting shorter. A post that may have garnered a lot of attention five years ago may have trouble gaining traction in today’s environment. While … Read More

The Importance Of Professional Production

We’ve all been there. It’s time to put together your social media posts for the day, or update the website with fresh content… But you can’t find compelling assets. It’s an issue that many business owners deal with regularly – … Read More

Getting Over Ad Fatigue

Here’s the scenario: Your business has built an effective full-funnel advertising campaign on Facebook. For the first couple of weeks, you saw record traffic coming through. Yet… Starting in the third week, your relevance scores are inexplicably going down. Engagement … Read More

Facebook Ads: How to go full funnel

If you’re a business owner who executes Facebook advertising, you’ve likely heard the term “funnel” get thrown around. It stems from the idea that purchases aren’t a simple yes/no action, but rather, the result of a consumer journey, on which … Read More

5 Metrics to Measure Your Video Ad

When it comes to measuring a video ad’s success, it’s important to look at different metrics based on the goal of your campaign – and we’re talking beyond view count. Views may be the proverbial public scorecard, but they’re not … Read More

Our Favorite Evergreen Video Trends

Evergreen content is timeless. It’s the type of content that is relevant now and will continue to be relevant long after it is published. It can show up in a variety of formats, such as instructional videos, product reviews, case … Read More

How YouTube is Helping Creators Make (A LOT) More Money

What a time for creators! After certain channels were affected by sudden penalties and demonetization, the pressure was on for YouTube to look into unique solutions to keep creators engaged with the platform. In a keynote address delivered at VidCon, … Read More

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