Facebook Unveils Polls for Video Ads


Facebook recently rolled out a new ad capability that allows for more audience interaction and engagement: polls on video ads. 79% of consumers want brands to actively demonstrate that they ‘understand and care’ about them before they make a purchase. 

After Facebook noticed the raving success of poll stickers on Instagram organic stories and ads, the social media powerhouse decided to bring the same feature to video ads on its platform in September. The feature will come with a few capabilities such as setting the video poll to appear at a specific time during playback. This allows you to quickly gather consumer feedback and insight at specific moments in your video. Consider using this new feature in the following ways:

  • Ask your audience a question related to the video
  • Gather audience feedback on the video content
  • Offer options on what your next video topic should be
  • Identify your audience and gather information to build a relationship with them
  • Ask questions to understand your audience’s pain points to optimize future content

These new features are designed to boost engagement and create a better relationship between the business and the consumer. Interactive and user-friendly ad updates like this make it even easier for marketers to engage directly with their audience and receive feedback for future campaigns.  Use the new video poll ads feature to differentiate your brand from the competition and give your audience a memorable ad experience.

Interactive content generates 2x more conversions than passive content.

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